An Action Packed Drama: The Wrestler DVD

Not just a movie for wrestling fans. I find the need to say this, because I am not a big wrestling fan, and so I was a bit hesitant to view this movie. I thought it was going to be just about wrestling and it is to a point, however it is a lot more about the life story of an aging professional wrestler, past his prime, and his difficulties with letting go of the in the ring experience. The main character Randy, The Ram needs to find a way to feel important, since wrestling has pretty much consumed all of his being, in short was his entire life. He is sad and lonely in the life he created and he gradually needs to rediscover himself.

He works at developing a closer bond with those around him, such as his stripper girlfriend, played by Marisa Tomei. She is suffering through a similar turmoil herself, becoming too old for the profession she is in as well. Their connection is well developed and believable. Throughout the film, he also has some very touching scenes with his on screen daughter, Evan Rachel Wood. He has not been there for her throughout her life, and is working hard to establish a real relationship with her.

The film is not true but it feels that way. It is packed with all the spectacle and tension of genuine existence. Mickey Rourke does not appear to be playing a part. He metamorphoses into this wrestler character in a fascinating way.

And don't worry, because the story does lend itself to some fight scenes. Rourke wrestles with the owner of the trailer park where he lives and the owner of a local grocery store, which keeps the action flowing without going overboard.

The Wrestler has everything a good movie should. It keeps moving with lots of bustle. The tension keeps you riveted. You also enjoy the topics that touch us all such as hope, love, trust, and family. This movie is at the top with the level of acting and directing. Whether you are a fan of Action or Drama movies, this movie will appeal to you. Your feelings on Professional Wrestling shouldn't affect your decision to see this. It is a film that everyone can relate to.

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