Mollusk Shell-Based as Substitute for Mortar

Mollusk Shell

A mollusk shell based adhesive is a feasible substitute for mortar in terms of bond strength according to the research conducted by the Philippine Science High School. The combination of polyvinyl acetate, sodium silicacid, and neoprene WHV had the highest shear strength. The shear strength of the adhesives made from such a combination was comparable to commercial mortar. The adhesive proven to be the most effective had the following composition: 20% elastomer, 30% tackifier, and 50% mollusk shells. A water absorption test was conducted and the results showed that the amount of water taken in by the adhesive was also comparable with mortar. The shear strength test taken after water absorption showed the same result as before. In conclusion, the mollusk shell-based adhesive is a feasible substitute for mortar.

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