Christian Magdu

Christian Magdu is a known name in the world of international cinema. He is a prominent Swedish actor who was born on 15th October 1977, in the region of Ploiesti, Romania, Sweden. He is considered amongst the eminent recognizable faces in Sweden. Christian established his inner acting skills during an on tour play “Europe 1697”. This was the very first play after his high school education. Although, Christian Magdu completed his high school in the field of science, he took up theaters and liberal arts as it was what he always fancied. Following his passion of acting, he joined the famous Swedish theater which is known as Wendelsberg in the year 19998. Two years down he joined another well known liberal art conservatory Skara Skolscen in the year 2000. He reveals that the time he spent acting in Skara Skolscen is the time he treasures most as an actor; this theater helped him enhance his acting skills.

He signed his debut feature film which is known as “Camp Slaughter” in the year 2002. This film took 2 years to complete and was a successful introduction to the film industry in the year 2004. “Camp Slaughter” was appreciated in the international world of cinema and offered good exposure for the upcoming star actor. If you peek into records of Christian Magdu, you will find that the Swedish actor has done numerous international films. He appeared in approximately over ten feature films and has bagged many awards. He won The Crystal Bear award for the short film Aldrig en Absolution. In one of his interviews he also states that he prefer working with skilled fresh film makers. The talents of the actor can be judged by the fact that he is familiar with five different languages and can speak them with fluency. Christian Magdu was also honored by being titled as ‘Sweden’s Hottest Male Actor’ by one of the Swedish gay journals.

Christian Magdu was also titled as “Talent of the Month” in the year 2007, by the famous Swedish film journal “Stardust Allt om Film”. Apart from this there are other titles that has been won by the actor. Most of his films were appreciated by critics. Christian Magdu has worked in films like “Dead on Arrival” which was a successful flick of the year 2008. “Judgment Day” was another widely appreciated film in which the actor displayed appreciable performance; this film was released in the same year as “Dead on Arrival”

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