Forever Young

There are many people wondering what the secret to eternal youth is, there are some people come to visit their dermatologists to enhance their eternal youth. Well there is a creature containing this eternal youth, and this is a turtle.

We humans tend to physically deteriorate and wrinkle with age. It doesn’t matter how old we get or how long as we’re live, from the womb to the grave, we are continually aging.

With turtles, it is different. They manifest what is known as negligible senescence, meaning, once they reach maturity, unlike us humans, they cease to age biologically. Imagine being 85, having great grandchildren and still looking like a regular college student!

Imagine if humans once reach with the age of 85, can he/she be still looking like a regular college student? Well it could not be possible because we humans suffer too much stress that can cause wrinkles; sometimes you are mistaken as an old granny even though you are 24 years old.

Turtles have an amazingly lengthy lifespan of 150 years and not look a day over 10, or 20, depending on the species. Sadly, illness, injury, or even predation eventually kills them.

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