Fallacy: Scented candles are harmless


Fact: Candles sure pretty good to smell but before we think about those sweet-scented candles that you adore and scatter around the house like God’s graces, please take note this!

Scented candles emit soot, lead, and benzene (a known carcinogen), all of which contain considerable quantities of contaminants. Furthermore, the soot, which accumulates on walls, shelves, and other household items in close proximity to these candles, is comparable in composition to diesel soot, which is highly toxic. Candles (not just the scented variety) have also been found to increase cancer risk, aggravate existing respiratory conditions like asthma, and even trigger neurological and behavioral symptoms.

Paraffin, the waxy substance most candles are made of, is to blame. It is a petrochemical that contains 11 different toxins, including two known cancer-causing agents. Inhaling these fumes is as hazardous as breathing in secondhand smoke. Scented candles are worse since you don’t even have to light them up to sniff the benzene emissions.

What to do? Instead of paraffin candles, try combining stores for either 100% beeswax or 100 % soy candles. They are both all-natural and do not emit poisons and carcinogens. Plus, they last longer. Soy candles, in particular, are biodegradable, burn cooler, and spread their fragrance more quickly.

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