Ambush-feeding Zooplankton Capture Prey

Imagine a predator catching its prey yup, you can imagine it with your own imagination, could you sift 100,000 cubic meters of liquid syrup everyday in an attentiveness of two grains. You will believe this kind of creatures.

A zooplankter such as copepods can collect atomic food elements which is algae and many more from an amount of water which is estimated 1 million times of their own body which in order them to survive. Below is a picture of Oithona attacking a victim.

Zooplankton Capture Prey

Just take a gaze from it, the location of the copepod previously before the leap is marked with white and following the leap is marked black. Now take it closer the attacking copepod revolves when leaping while the prey which is in red dot does not make any shift.

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