Urine Therapy


Do you believe in Urine therapy? In other words you should drink your own urine.

Ohh!! For me it is a terrible but there are many practitioners were performing this kind of therapy.

By gathering urine, particularly in the morning, practitioners stated that they are able to get the most benefits from this practice. It is stated that it can treat approximately all sicknesses, as well as the ordinary cold and AIDS. By affecting on a person’s pate each day, it can even help produced back the falling hair.

Medical practitioners stated that some of the rudiments present in urine could have useful factors, there are, nonetheless enhanced and more pleasant alternatives for taking in these rudiments. Vitamins, for example are wash out out with the urine when taken in excess.
Supposedly, this vitamin carrying urine could be ingested and processed once more by the body. But there are more capable habits to get one’s day by day dose of vitamins; this is through a balanced diet.

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