Living on board a Sailboat - Wearing Teva Sandals

Living on board a sailboat is a good way to enjoy retirement. It's not only a lot of fun it is a very frugal way of living.

My better half and I quit in 1994, when I was 49. We purchased our ship, May 1994, in the Clear Lake area south of Houston. I sailed the boat to the UK Virgin Islands 6 months after purchase and that is where it stayed for the next eight years.

My comments are aimed at people who need to retire to living on board a sailboat in the Caribbean. It was eight years of fun in the sun, and it was sure cheap, less than $1,000 a month.

Why so cheap? Good question. Birds of a feather?

Why so frugal? They would do anything to avoid returning to work.

Clothes for instance...upon arising, I pulled on a couple of swim trunks, a T shirt...that's it. I had two collared shirts

, one or 2 pairs of light long pants ( for church ), one pair of shoes...Teva sandals.

Wife's wardrobe, same deal, swimming costume and cover up for going ashore. A few cotton long dresses guessed it Teva sandals.

Because you use local transport, mini buses, you do not shop much...just groceries.

The only salesmen you encounter on the water are ones with lobsters for sale or trade. Their guests were paying $500 a night, we paid zero, and we had a better view.

Stormy weather, not an issue, problem, your sails between islands were short. From the VI to Trinidad, the longest passage was 95 miles...BVI to St Maarten. You are not in a hurry if you cannot retire because of the economy...think again. Living on board a sailboat in the Caribbean, is fun and frugal. Enjoy.

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