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In these modern times with all the social networks on the internet, there are immense changes and potentials that EVERY professional business has invested money into understanding. Companies and advertisers are trying to ‘decode’ the friendships online in order to understand how social dynamics on the internet effects what gets the consumer’s attention. There are socialogist and marketing researchers all over, from MIT to Stanford researching the best ways to market over the internet as we speak.

This is the power of the internet combined with our modern business industry. As easy as it is to ignore the internet as just a powerful place to get questions answered and kill time on, the money being made through this medium and the urgency of action is very real. Especially when the skills of marketing are combined with social network companies like the network marketing industry. It is no secret that the network marketing industry has the potential to produce multiple six-figure income earners ($100,000+ per year). This industry, in fact, HAS the most six-figure income earners out of any other industry IN THE UNITED STATES. When asked how they would rebuild their fortunes if they were to suddenly go bankrupt, both Donald Trump and Warren Buffet said they would start in the network marketing industry.

And in this industry, where your social or business network is the determining factor of the potential income you will earn and the size of the business you will build, entrepreneurs in the network marketing business are following in the footsteps of professional companies and taking full advantage of the internet.

Knowing the skill and methods of lead generation for example, can determine whether or not it takes a new network marketer 2-3 years of dedicated hard work to build a successful six-figure income or 5-10 years to achieve the same goal. Knowledge about this special nitch of network marketing combined with internet marketing is extremely powerful and will catalyze your business growth in a way network marketers only dreamed of 10 years ago. Once the marketing tools are created and placed strategically on the internet, they provide the ULTIMATE form of leverage, there for the entire internet public to see for the rest of time as long as the internet exists. And the work you do markets on a 24 hour schedule, every day of the week. An entire day’s work will produce results as long as you’re in business. That’s leverage.

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